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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to expand b.a.r.t. for years. tonight, that plan is one major step closer to reality. monty is live with more on the funding. >> reporter: good evening, we are here where the b.a.r.t. line currently ends. if all goes as planned, by 2016 they will extend ten miles south to san jose. it is poised to approve a massive contract worth $727 million at the meeting on december 8th. a spokeswoman says approval is almost certain. the only real question now is whether the federal funding will come through. that could present a hurdle for the project given the gridlock in washington. it's expected in february. if the funding comes through, construction could begin sometime next year. b.a.r.t. riders say the connection to the south bay can't come soon enough. >> it will be so convenient if it comes down here.
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i can take cal train to b.a.r.t. or b.a.r.t. to fremont. it would be easier if it's here. >> it's promising. you are looking at politics and the budget. i think they put their backbone behind the budget, it might happen. >> reporter: the project has an overall price tag of $2.3 billion. the extension would include two stations. the real answer will come in february when the fta decides on funding. last year, they gave it a recommended rating. >> thank you, monty. the early numbers are in and shopping on the day after thanksgiving this year shattered all the records. spending was up 7% from last year to nearly $12 billion. it's the highest amount ever
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spent for black friday. they get the name baa it's the day retailers hope to get in the red and out of the black. today is small business saturday. mom and pop stores offered special sales and perks. in san jose, store owners who received a boost last year hope to match that by the end of today. >> helps small businesses. if we don't do that rk i would say in the future we won't be here. there's a lot after vacant spaces. >> two months ago, san jose launched the shop san jose to boost sales and encourage people to shop locally. president obama and his daughters decided to help out a small bookstore a few blocks from the white house. they purchased a couple books including "diary of a wimpy kid"
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along with "decent into chaos." you can probably guess which one the kids picked out. small business saturday started last year and is sponsored by american express, google and facebook to name a few. they are not small businesses but they offered free advertising to many small businesses today. some small businesses near the oakland coliseum are celebrated today, not because of small business but the nba season might be back to help save their businesses. the players and owners who seemed tens of millions dollars apart a week ago seem to have reached a tentative deal. free agency and training camp would begin december 9th. the first game of the season would take place on christmas day. it would run 66 games instead of
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the usual 82. we'll have reaction to the deal coming up later on in sports. in the mideast tonight, the strained relationship between the u.s. and pakistan is more tense after a nato air attack killed 24 pakistani soldiers. u.s. troops and nato are being ordered to withdrawal from the air base that was used in the deadly drone attack. nato leaders are admitting they made a mistake. >> incidents developed in the early hours of the night. support was called in in the development of the tactical situation. it is highly likely caused tragedies. >> the commander of the nato led forces expressed regret. this is the deadliest friendly
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fire since the afghan war began a decade ago. pakistan shut down the border. that could lead to more deaths. during a similar dispe, militants launched attacks against trucks carrying nato supplies. in syria, in the wake of recent violence by the syrian government, the arab league issued an ultimatum this week to open bordered to outside observers or face serious sanctions. they ignored the warning. sanctions are on the way. it shows the arab states plan to cut commercial ties with the syrian government. they plan to freeze syria's assets and halt flights into the country. arab league ministers need to ratify it before it's enacted. they have come under tense international pressure among months of deadly political
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violence there. in egypt, protesters are calling for a mass rally tomorrow. it's a day before elections are scheduled. tens of thousands of people gathered in cairo's tahrir square to demand power be transferred from the military to a civilian government. they asked the former u.n. watchdog to lead the transition government. he's ready to drop his presidential bid if he's asked to leave the government. three students arrested in egypt are home in philadelphia. he expressed thanks to the u.s. embassy for securing his freedom. fellow students are on their way back to the united states. the trio was accused of throwing fire bombs during demonstrations. all charges were dropped on thursday. coming up next at 6:00, the lift off of nasa's largest unmanned explorer ever.
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plus, the connection to the black-eyed peas and a message for all by vandals hundreds of miles away from the bay area. plus -- >> with body and mind. >> we'll show you how teenagers behind bars are learning life lessons from unlikely role models. di
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early this morning, nasa
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launched their largest ever unmanned explorer on an eight month journey. we explain what the rover, named curiosity, will be searching for. >> hydraulics, go. pneumatics, go. >> radioactive plutonium was in place. the 19 story atlas five headed for the clouds and mars. the launch is two years late. the delay costing $500 million. all seemed hopeful as the rocket pierced the clouds going in one side out the other like a toothpick through an olive. >> we have first pair and second pair. >> on the way to space, an on board camera caught the
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separation of the nose cone no longer needed to protect the mars carrier. >> it never changes but it's always very, very exciting. >> reporter: it will be the most capable rover sent to another planet. nuclear powers set for two years. scientists hope it will give human kind the building block of life outside earth. it will look for complex carbon based molecules. the kind we are made of. it's a 340 million mile journey. >> we have separation. >> reporter: the pod carrying the rover separated from the rocket's upper stage. it's on its way. >> again, that was dan reporting. the curiosity is expected to land on mars in august. the mission will cost $2.5 billion. nasa has major support from
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a big name celebrity. music director from black eyed peas will i. am joined us this morning. >> i want to take a pause from pop celebrity life to use my own money to create programs to get these kids excited about going in careers around science, technology, engineering and math. >> supporting nasa and science. this is the animation of the curiosity's journey to mars. the music is produced and created by, will i. am of course. we have heard of sit-ins before. in berkeley today, they held a mix in. we'll explain that. reaction to the nba lockout and when the warriors might be taking the court. here is a look at temperatures right now. 40s and 50s outside.
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we have a strong offshore breeze pumping in central valley fog. we see a fog advisory tonight and what it means for the rest of your sunday forecast when we come back.
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people who damaged a u.s. bank in seattle had a message for police and occupy protesters in oakland. all the banks windows were shattered and atm screens smashed. they left a large spray painted tag on a wall that read, revenge for occupy oakland. as you remember, hundreds of law enforcement officers raided the occupy encampment arresting more than 80 people.
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it was a different scene in east bay. they gathered to show support for fellow occupiers by holding a knit in at the sit in. they got together to make hats, gloves and scarves. they say this is a peaceful and productive way to show solidarity with other occupiers across the country. >> we need to remember that it's about people and sharing and helping each other out. so, we are doing our part here in berkeley to try to help people out. >> the knitters plan to send the goods to occupy wall street in new york. speaking of new york, you may not expect to find teenagers in trouble with the law practicing yoga. inside they are going just that. melissa reports that in an unlikely pairing, bu dis monks
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are helping troubled teenagers. >> reporter: locked up in juvenile detention, there's nothing liberating about it. these teenagers are learning to set themselves free. >> breathe out and in. >> reporter: with the power of meditation. >> this is a way of kind of regaining your freedom in a space. >> reporter: their visitors are unlike anything they have seen on the street. soft spoken, barefoot and bald. >> it was interesting. i didn't think people like that were real. >> i was like whoa. who are they? >> reporter: they are buddhist monks. they might seem like unlikely models for kids like these who are in trouble with violence and struggling with anger and aggression. the little steps they teach seem to reach the young offenders.
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>> contact. keep on walking. >> it's interesting. they taught me a lot about breathing exercises. >> breathe out. >> i'm one of the people i usually bang on things. they taught me to walk around. >> reporter: learning to saver the moment. the feeling of a foot on the ground. >> you know families are a mess. they are not working things out in school. this gives them something to be master of their body and mind. >> reporter: they say if they knew the tricks before, they might not have ended up here in the first place. >> money i was making, my actions. breathe in and out before my actions, i know it's not the right thing to do. i had a lot of good opportunities. >> if i don't realize what i'm
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doing, i'll wind up in safe places. >> again, that was melissa russo reporting there. right now, we want to check in with rob checking on the weather around here. it actually was a nice day in parts of the bay area. >> west of the altamont pass or west of concord. mid-60s in the inner bay. san jose, 65 degrees. sunnyvale up to 67. livermore, 58 degrees. almost 70 around santa cruz. the temperatures near fairfield and san ramon, upper 50s. the fog was locked in. oakland and san francisco seeing sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. right now, we have the offshore winds pumping in the moisture. the northeast wind at 12. hayward and livermore, the temperatures are cooling off. visibility is mild. watch this through the night.
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dropping in the inland valleys. i's the reason why. dense fog advisory. visibility could drop below a quarter mile for the areas you see in yellow and around the inner bay as well. if you have travel plans for the holiday trip home tomorrow, watch for dense fog. fso may see flight delays in the morning. a nice sunset out there. this system is a powerful one will bring a lot of rain for washington and oregon. for us, more high clouds our way as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. the future cast showing at least the start, a lot of fog setting up for tomorrow morning. it's what we are seeing here. as we go through the day tomorrow, sunshine around midday. by the afternoon and evening, these are high clouds over the bay area. we head into monday morning. we see the system weakening as it approaches california. what's left of rain falls apart
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here and brushes by the bay area. after that system goes by, warming conditions as we head toward monday and tuesday. tonight, the fog is thick in spots. the thickest salano county. a cool night with fog setting up across the inner bay. tomorrow, around gilroy, south should be warm, low 70s. 67 in san jose. low 60s in san francisco after the fog breaks up. notice the temperatures as we go toward the east bay. plan on the fog breaking up earlier tomorrow. should be closer to 60 in fair field. mid-60s in santa rosa. a dry finish to the weekend. thursday and friday could get gusty in the east bay hills. we'll watch that for you. >> weird. >> it is. >> the gingerbread house in san francisco that is so big you can
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walk through it. also more on the nba lock youth.
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the elves at the fairmont hotel have been busy building what we believe is the biggest gingerbread house in all of california. executive chefs helped with the construction of the life-sized gingerbread house. it took the pastry department 600 hours to bake the gingerbread and the toppings. they worked 160 hours to build the framework for the house. look at all the peppermints. 22 feet tall, twice as big as last year. there's a special room where children can write a letter to santa. it will be in the hotel lobby for the holidays. there's also a donation box for the leukemia and make a wish foundation. for a look at what's coming up in sports, we check in with
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henry of comcast sports net. hello. >> hello. we'll have the latest on the nba. the owners and players reached a tentative agreement in the nba lockout. we'll tell you what that means. san francisco has one last hurdle to clear before returning to their second title game. sports is next. keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including barista prima.
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it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
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welcome back. the nba lockout has lasted 149 days. maybe it's time to stop counting. after 149 days, nba owners and players reached a tentative accord on a bargaining agreement. if ratified, the nba would open training camp on december 9th and play a 66 game regular season that could begin on christmas day. >> we have come this far. there's a lot of work to be done in a lot of places with a lot of committees and groups and the like. we are optimistic that it will hold and we'll have ourselves an nba season. >> our fans and the support from the people are patient through a large part of the process. the efforts that have been made have been largely with them in mind. >> here is what the warriors had
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to say following the news that an agreement had been reached. the tentative agreement is great news for fans, players and the organization. we are very hopefully the nba will be back on the court on christmas day. >> mar low can't get it. chipped away on a check. it goes in the net. the puck is in the net. off the glass. they have won the game. >> oh, it's painful to watch. the sharks and canucks. brazil has the scoop from the tank. >> who is counting? but it has been 186 days since the sharks and canucks met. vancouver won and earned the chance to play for the stanley cup. every since, you can imagine the
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sharks had redemption on their mind. >> obviously, there's a carry over there. you know, we don't like losing to anybody, that's for sure. our team changed a bit. the players know what we are going to be against tonight. it's a good challenge. >> we have seven new players they have seven or eight players. two new teams. >> san jose continues to be red hot in second period. in that category, they leave the nhl scoring 20 more goals than they have allowed. >> thank you, brody. before we get out of here, college of san francisco helping fresno and the junior college. early first half. turner hits desmond with a 23-yard pass. up by seven. coming in as he throws a bomb to
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caleb who hauls it in for the 30 yard td. then they went on to win 57-13. they will host the defending champion in socal. a lot of football talk. diane everyone is talking about basketball. how is your three-point shot looking, by the way? >> not bad at all. not bad. >> really? >> no, not really. all right, thanks a lot. see you back here at 11:00. check on the stanford game, too. thanks for choosing the bay area. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. it will be colder by then. good night. coming up on a special edition of technow .. we take you to a show entirely devoted to technology, and cars .. we'll show you how you can "friend" your car to social


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